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Reclaim Your Time

Get control of how you spend your week so you can relax AND grow your business.
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Is overwhelm keeping you from reaching your goals?

  • 🤹🏻‍♂️Do you feel stressed, constantly juggling multiple tasks and deadlines, like a circus performer trying to keep numerous plates spinning at once?

  • 🛌🏻Do you struggle to sleep at night thinking about everything you need to do?

  • 🪫Do you feel like you are running on empty?

Imagine a future without the late-night worries and constant juggling.

It's possible.

Discover a better way in the “Overcome Overwhelm’ course and start... 

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Using time effectively

You will implement time management techniques to accomplish tasks efficiently and make meaningful progress every day.

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Reaching your goals

You will set strategic goals and action steps to watch your business goals transform into tangible achievements.

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Reducing stress

You will practice techniques to reduce stress and improve work-life balance.

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Spending time on what matters

You will make time for the things that truly matter, whether family, hobbies, or self-care.

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Feeling in control

You will take control of your business and life with confidence and clarity as you practice goal-setting and reflection

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Feeling better

You will feel healthier, more energized, and happier personally and professionally as you balance your time and set boundaries.

Sarah W., MD

"I wholeheartedly recommend Cordes as the perfect partner to lead you in organizational and self improvement."

Kassie W., FL

"I recommend Cordes to anyone needing to focus their energy and organize their goals."

Carol S., TN

"A transformational coach ... will shepherd to you where you want to be."


If you join "overcome Overwhelm" today...
  • You find yourself getting more done each day.

  • Your days feel structured and focused.

  • You feel joy in your life again.

  • You have time for your friends and family

  • You are able to sleep peacefully through the night.

  • You feel a sense of real progress toward your dreams.

If you keep doing what you're doing...
  • Your days are a relentless cycle of stress, juggling tasks, and feeling like you're falling behind.

  • You can't get a good night's sleep, so you aren't able to focus or be fully present to solve the day's problems.

  • You have no energy or joy in your daily life. You feel empty and depleted, like a robot going through the motions.

  • Your business struggles to reach its potential, and you're working more and more with no time for yourself.

Will you seize the opportunity to transform your business and life, or will you allow overwhelm to continue its hold?

Course Features

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Weekly Group Video Calls

Engage in live discussions, gain insights, and receive direct guidance from Cordes, ensuring a clear understanding of the week's focus and actionable steps.

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Private Platform with Resources

Access a dedicated platform with a wealth of resources, including worksheets and the weekly recorded video calls, providing convenient, all-in-one access to course materials.

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Interactive Chat

Foster connections with fellow business owners, exchange ideas, and build a supportive community for shared learning and networking.

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Private Member Chats

Enjoy one-on-one discussions with other course participants who share similar challenges and goals, facilitating personalized support and collaboration.

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Two Private Coaching Calls

Gain personalized guidance with two 30-minute private coaching sessions, addressing your unique challenges and receiving expert insights.

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Three Months of Group Membership

You will continue to receive a weekly focus and have access to chat features for three months. The ongoing support and community interaction will help refine your weekly calendars and maintain accountability.


When is the course, and how does it fit into my schedule? - The course kicks off on October 6 and spans four weeks, with an explanation and discussion of your weekly focus. You can access the materials and join discussions at your convenience, making it flexible for even the busiest schedules. We will have the live video calls on Fridays at 1 p.m. Eastern. This also allows you to use the weekend to think about the topic and plan for how you will put it into practice the next week. The videos will also be recorded and posted online in case you cannot join us.

What if I've tried other time management courses, and they didn't work for me? - Many times, courses fail because we aren’t able to put them into practice. Cordes has spent years studying effective techniques for habit change and focuses on what will help you to make real change. By having set times and live calls, you will have more motivation to stay on track. By having group chat support, you have a way to get support when you need it. The individual coaching calls will help you with your personal challenges. We will also use a lot of mindset hacks and personalize your plan, so it is achievable for you.

I know I need help with time management, but I seriously do NOT have enough spare time to dedicate even 2 hours a week to a course. Is this right for me? It isn't right for you if you do not dedicate the time to the course. However, learning and implementing these techniques will help you do more and stress less. Consider the following: - While it may require an initial time commitment, the skills and habits you develop can continue to save time and reduce stress in the months and years ahead. - This ****course doesn't overwhelm you with tasks. It provides actionable steps each week, gradually building your time management skills without adding unnecessary pressure. - The course isn't just about business efficiency but also about achieving a better work-life balance. By investing time now, you can create more quality time for yourself and your loved ones in the future. - By optimizing your time, you can grow your business more efficiently and enjoy greater success.

How long will I be able to access the materials? The course resources are available for the life of the course. You will have access to updated materials as well. There will be 3 months of community and chat support.

How much is the course, and what do I get with my registration? The course costs $250 and includes the following: - 4 live lessons and discussions - portal access with lessons, resources and worksheets - Two 30-minute coaching calls between October 10 and December 21. - Three months of community access (group chats, weekly focus items, monthly Q&A calls)

One Time Payment


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