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The Short Story

In 2022, I founded Lindow Learning to help community leaders find flow and balance in their work and lives.

Having worked as an educator for over 30 years provides me with the knowledge and skills to craft learning pathways for other small business owners wanting to find flow and balance to achieve true success.

In addition to a decade as a public school teacher, I have led education programs for adults at community organizations. I have crafted learning journeys to teach executive leadership, time management, exam success, report writing, conversation skills, wilderness survival, and much more. 


Besides decades of education experience, I have served in leadership roles in Scouts BSA, Girl Scouts, churches, social clubs and professional organizations. While living in Germany, I started Bonn English to empower international women to improve their English so that they could increase their social connections and support their children at school.

Having my own personal struggles with stress and burnout provides me with a deep understanding of the challenges individuals face in maintaining their well-being while striving for success. I have learned the art of setting boundaries, prioritizing mental health, time management, organizational strategies and fostering human connections in my own search for a balanced and fulfilled life (you can read all about it in my long story).


I  have experienced flow in my work and the profound satisfaction of having well-oiled systems, empowering relationships, increased well-being and a sense of deep purpose. Now, my mission is to help other women find their sweet spot so that they become self-actualized and empowered to change the world!

  • At some point, I have been able to converse in French, Hungarian, and German.....but never at the same time!

  • I developed a wilderness survival program for kids.

  • I have served on Boards for Girl Scouts, a Social Club, an International Women's Group, school volunteers, professional organizations, and a church.

  • I created a guide to help people learn basic, conversational Albanian.

  • I broke my leg while walking my dog.

  • I met my husband while we were both Peace Corps Volunteers.

  • I have worked at over 7 different summer camps.

  • I love camping! 

  • I make my own sourdough starter.

  • I had a vegan blog.

  • I biked and camped with my husband on the C&O Canal in Washington, D.C., and the Mosel River in Germany.

  • I was so cold when I climbed Mt. Olympus that I put dirty socks on my hands to keep them warm.

  • I qualified for (and ran) the Boston Marathon.

  • I have never rollerbladed.

Fun Facts


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